Episode 10.5

The Announcement – Taking a Short “Data Recovery” Break: My hard drive is in for data recovery over the next 2 weeks and I hope to have those next episodes edited and launched by 4/1 or 4/8. Sorry for taking a break so soon, I certainly didn’t plan it!

Episode 10

How Buyers Journeys Bridge The Brand to Marketing: The marketing strategy and funnel exist to satisfy audience questions along the buying process, it pays off to map it out.

Episode 9

The Importance of Personas for Branding & Marketing: Without knowing who you are talking to and where to find them you may as well be talking to a wall.

Episode 7

Avoid being a “me too” option and find the opportunities available to differentiate.

Episode 6

How Understanding the Market Contributes to Branding: The first step to establishing your brand is knowing the landscape in which you plan to compete.

Episode 5

Why Marketing Is Not Branding: Marketing is an extension of a strong brand foundation, but can’t succeed without the brand.

Episode 4

Why Marketing Is Not Sales: Marketing plays a very key role in the sales process, they go hand-in-hand, but one can’t replace the other.

Episode 1

The Benefits of Vlogging: Social Media is changing. Casual browsing and content noise are driving down content marketing performance.


Whether you’re on the marketing or agency side of the equation, this vlog should have something for everyone. Ep1 drops March 4th!

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