Episode 10

How Buyers Journeys Bridge The Brand to Marketing: The marketing strategy and funnel exist to satisfy audience questions along the buying process, it pays off to map it out.

Episode 9

The Importance of Personas for Branding & Marketing: Without knowing who you are talking to and where to find them you may as well be talking to a wall.

Episode 8

How Analyzing Competitor Identities Contributes to Branding: Nobody likes a copycat and you don’t want to accidentally end up being one.

Episode 7

Avoid being a “me too” option and find the opportunities available to differentiate.

Episode 6

How Understanding the Market Contributes to Branding: The first step to establishing your brand is knowing the landscape in which you plan to compete.

Episode 5

Why Marketing Is Not Branding: Marketing is an extension of a strong brand foundation, but can’t succeed without the brand.

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