Tim Bouchard

Episode 20

Defining a Brand’s Mission and Creed: Setting the north star for employees and customers is critical to long-term success.

Episode 19

Brand Values That Drive Meaning: A brand needs to connect with its audience and values are the key to building that connection.

Episode 18

Building a Branded Vocabulary: Understanding how to use brand-specific words can boost the effectiveness of copywriting.

Episode 17

How Company Leaders Are the Face of the Brand: Think of the biggest brands with the most loyal followers and I bet you can name the founders.

Episode 16

The Value of a Brand’s Creation Story: Every great brand started somewhere with a vision to disrupt the status quo.

Episode 15

Building an Annual Marketing Plan: Once you know your brand and market strategy, planning is an exercise in structure and execution.

Episode 14

Preparing an Annual Marketing Budget: The amount of funding allocated to annual marketing plans relies on a few key elements.

Episode 13

The Importance of a CMO or Marketing Director: An in-house strategic point is critical to organizing and executing marketing initiatives.

Episode 12

Understanding Vertical Positioning: Service providers who establish expertise in a specific market will find opportunity that reaches beyond their own locale.

Episode 11

Understanding Horizontal Positioning: Service providers who establish expertise in their skillset will open doors across multiple industries.

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